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September Competition Week Number 4 ends on September 30th

Sold out

Septembers last competition will have 3 mystery prizes from a choice of 16.

For each day from September 15th until September 30th we will be revealing one of the prize options.

Click below to reveal the prize option for day 15.


Day number ones prize is a LEGO 10717 Classic 1,500 piece set worth £49.99

Day number twos prize is a LEGO 76153 Avengers Helicarrier worth £109.99

Day number threes prize is a LEGO 75955 Hogwarts Express worth £74.99

Day number fours prize is a LEGO 60215 City Fire Station worth £59.99

Day number fives prize is a LEGO 71360 Mario Starter Course worth £49.99

Day number sixes prize is a LEGO 21319 Friends Central Perk worth £64.99

Day number sevens prize is a LEGO 21045 Architecture Trafalgar Square worth £79.99

Day number eights prize is a LEGO 75276 Star Wars Stormtrooper Bust worth £54.99

Day number nines prize is a LEGO 40174 Chess Set worth £45.99

Day number ten to day number fourteens prize is a LEGO 75981 Harry Potter Advent Calendar worth £24.99

Day fifteen and sixteens prizes are a LEGO 42107 Technic Ducatti

Entries have now closed.

Each entrant will be allowed to enter the competition 16 times - once per day.

The 3 prizes to be given out will be decided during the live Facebook winners video once the competition has ended.

Once the competition has ended and the 3 prizes have been chosen we will proceed with the 3 winners draws. Only entrants who have entered the competition on the days where the 3 chosen prizes were revealed will be entered into the competition.

To be guaranteed entry into all 3 prize draws you must enter the competition EVERY DAY

Remember to come back EVERY day to reveal a new prize option and get your entry in.